Money Counting Workbook for Euro Currency Coins and notes

Are you looking to improve money-counting skills in kids? Presenting money counting workbook for kids.

Money workbooks are a great way for children to learn essential money-counting skills such as skip-counting, addition and subtraction with coins and bills, making change from a Euro, and more through various math activities that are both fun and educational!

This workbook starts with a basic introduction to all Euro currency coins, notes, and basic money exercises such as identifying and counting coins.

Includes true pictures of currencies for a better understanding of money counting:

  • One Euro Cent
  • Two Euro Cent
  • Five Euro Cent
  • Ten Euro Cent
  • Twenty Euro cent
  • Fifty Euro Cent
  • One Euro
  • Two Euro
  • Five Euro
  • Ten Euro
  • Twenty Euro
  • Fifty Euro
  • Hundred Euro
  • Two Hundred Euro
  • Five Hundred Euro

Includes exercise pages for:

  • Match the coins with its name
  • Match the notes with price tags
  • Count the coins
  • Count the notes
  • Count the coins and match with the correct amount of money
  • Calculate the total amount of money in each jar
  • Counting total money in piggy bank
  • Count the sets of coins and write the total value for each sets
  • Count the sets of notes and write the total value for each set
  • Counts notes and coins and write the total value for each set
  • Recognize different notes from pictures and write their value
  • Circle the coins to make a specific amount
  • Tick the notes to make a specific amount
  • Multi-choice questions
  • Going to the cafe solving questions
  • Going shopping solving questions
  • Counting different assortments of money and solving the questions
  • Menu maths
  • Solving Addition and subtraction word problems

Answer keys are given on the back pages

In this Money Counting workbook for kids, kids can practice what the number on the currency coin or notes signifies. This workbook will help kids visually observe and mentally resolve how the value of multiple currencies can be added together to arrive at the net value.

All the exercises in this money counting workbook are well-paced and age-appropriate.

Money counting exercise boosts your child’s counting and number skills, including skip counting. It helps quickly recognize and count coins and notes by asking kids to “circle the coins” or “tick the notes” needed to make a specific amount.
90 pages of 8.50” x 11″ gives plenty of space to complete each exercise.

This is the perfect educational tool for children eager to delve into the world of Euro currency. Whether at home or in the classroom, this book promises to make learning about money enjoyable, interactive, and educational. Embark on a fun learning adventure through the fascinating realm of Euro money today!

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