Telling the time workbook

Introducing “Telling the Time: Practice Worksheets for Kids” – the comprehensive workbook with answer key, designed to transform the often daunting task of learning to tell time into a delightful and engaging experience for young learners.

Unlock the world of time-telling with a collection of thoughtfully crafted worksheets covering key concepts such as reading clocks for whole hours, half hours, quarter past, quarter to, and minutes.

This workbook is a valuable tool for parents and educators, providing a structured and entertaining approach to mastering the art of reading clocks.

Key Features:

  1. Whole Hour: Starting with worksheets focused on reading clocks for whole hours.
  2. Half-Hour Expertise: Dive into the world of half-hours with interactive exercises that make learning about 30-minute intervals both enjoyable and effective. Watch as your child gains confidence in telling time.
  3. Quarter Past and Quarter To: Navigate through time effortlessly with worksheets dedicated to quarter past and quarter to. These exercises ensure a well-rounded understanding of time progression and enhance clock-reading skills.
  4. Varied Practice Sheets: Keep the learning experience dynamic with a variety of practice sheets with answer keys. From matching activities to drawing clock hands, each sheet is designed to reinforce concepts in an engaging & enjoyable manner.
  5. Child-Friendly Design: Captivate young minds with vibrant visuals and a child-friendly layout. The colorful design not only sparks interest but also aids in memory retention.
  6. A great gift option: A thoughtful gift option for birthdays, return gifts, Christmas gifts, and New Year gifts.
  7. Large Print for small hands: 81 pages of 8.50” x 11” gives plenty of space to complete each exercise.

Whether you’re a parent looking to supplement your child’s time education or an educator seeking a valuable resource for the classroom to teach time, our Telling the time book is definitely the right choice.

Make the journey of learning to tell time a joyous adventure for your child with “Telling the Time: Practice Worksheets for Kids.”
Equip your child with essential time-telling skills and watch them flourish as they confidently navigate the world of time.

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