The question book for couples

The Question book for Couples: 90 expressive Questions with Fun challenges & activities for Partners Perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day

What is your viewpoint on your relationship? Do you practice it by keeping a Couple Journal?

Do you give time to each other? Is your relationship the same way today as it started?

Well, it’s never too late to start maintaining your relationship and keep that spark alive. This “COUPLE JOURNAL” can help you to relive the moments with your partner and also helps you to know your partner better.


  • INFORMATIVE:The book will provide you with valuable information as it includes a summary of ways for strengthening relationships, love languages and how to identify them in your partner, and also provides you with some affirmations for couples.
  • VERSATILE:The book is designed in such a way that it has included almost all the questions that a couple has for each other at some point in life but has never asked each other.
  • SUFFICIENT: The book contains 120 pages with questions of 90 days i.e. 3 months.
  • LONG-LASTING MEMORIES:The book will serve as a bridge in your relationship and give you and your partner the memories you will make while writing this amazing journal together.
  • HUMOROUS:The book also contains quotes, puns and one-liner jokes on relationships to make you smile while writing the answers. It also has goals to complete on each page.
  • ENGAGING: The book also contains a few challenges like a staring challenge, do my makeup challenge, a kissing challenge and many more to spice up your relationship. It also has colouring pages and cryptograms to keep you engaged.
  • SIZE OF BOOKThe book is in A4 size (8.5″x11”) so it has ample space to write your answers separately.

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